The driving dynamics of the BMW 5 Series Touring.

All BMW vehicles share one trait: incomparable dynamics. This characteristic is especially tangible in the BMW 5 Series Touring – every metre travelled is a chance to experience pure driving pleasure.

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The BMW M550d xDrive benefits from the unique expertise of BMW M engineers, with a special, fine-tuned powertrain, suspension and steering system. The end result is an automobile that offers an exhilarating combination of sheer dynamism, comfort and everyday usability. Striking details underline the sporty character and set the vehicle apart, both inside and out, from other BMW 5 Series Touring models − M genes included.

  • Exterior

    The M genes of the BMW M550d xDrive create an air of dynamic superiority at the very first glance. The sporty design stands out thanks to a number of distinct and exclusive details.
    Even when viewed from a distance, the BMW M550d xDrive stands out from the rest. The specially developed styling of the optional 20"" light-alloy wheels makes it easy to pick out in a crowd. Specific air inlets in the wide front air dam make not only for a cooler appearance, but also for an enhanced cooling function for the drive system and the brakes. Eye-catchingly sport exterior mirror caps in Ferric Grey metallic are more than equal to any headwind. Outstanding features at the powerful rear include the prominent ‘M550d’ model designation and the unique optics of the tailpipe surrounds in high-gloss black, which further emphasize the dynamic presence.

  • Interior

    The M genes create a unique atmosphere in the BMW 5 Series Touring: the symbiosis between sportiness and elegance ensures an exclusive interior ambience for the BMW M550d xDrive.
    As soon as you’ve opened the driver’s door, the ‘M550d’ lettering on the door sill finishers catches your eye immediately. This feature underlines the exclusiveness of the BMW M GmbH, which is reflected by the high-quality materials in the interior − and by the sheer joy experienced by the driver. The M leather steering wheel provides a gripping sensation in more ways than one, allowing the BMW M550d xDrive to be under precise control at all times. Integrated shift paddles enable quicker, more comfortable gear changes for even more driving pleasure. For adrenalin-rich cornering, the made-to-measure ergonomics of the M sport seats guarantee stability, with the soft cloth-Alcantara upholstery offering both elegance and comfort in one. More sporty touches are provided by the M logos on the instrument panel and the gear lever. Elegance exudes from the Aluminium Hexagon interior trim, topped off by the exclusive flair of the BMW Individual headliner in high-class Anthracite.


You can feel the sporty driving pleasure that the chassis of the BMW 5 Series Touring transmits from the road directly to your steering wheel, while guaranteeing safety and the highest possible comfort. In addition, it confidently meets a variety of requirements: as taut as it is comfortable, dynamic and safe. 50:50 weight distribution between the axles and perfect coordination of the components makes this possible.
The aluminium integral rear axle isolates the road vibrations from the engine and allows more power transmission and comfort. This characteristic can be further refined with the optional integral active steering. The double-arm front axle ensures wheels grip the road tightly. The aluminium structure eliminates unnecessary weight while increasing rigidity, and in the case of a collision, it absorbs the forces of the impact to provide maximum passenger protection. Sporty manoeuvres can be carried out smoothly in every driving situation without any unnecessary jolting of passengers.

  • Self-levelling suspension fitted as standard

    The self-levelling suspension fitted as standard in the BMW 5 Series Touring balances out height differences between front and rear axle using the air suspension. Sensors on the rear wheels measure the distance between the body and the road. Depending on the load and driving situation, the air volume in the springs is adjusted so that there is always optimum spring clearance available. This promotes agility and safety even when the vehicle is heavily laden.

  • Dynamic Damper Control and Adaptive Drive

    Uneven roads, potholes, cobblestones or flawless tarmac – with Dynamic Damper Control there is now a chassis for every road and every driving style. In addition to Comfort, the standard setting, the dampers can be set to the Comfort+ mode (not available for BMW M550d xDrive ) for extra comfort thus ensuring minimum disruption on uneven surfaces.

    The optional Adaptive Drive function combines Dynamic Damper Control with the active body roll stabilisation Dynamic Drive . Sensors in your BMW permanently monitor vehicle speed, steering-wheel position and the pitch and yaw forces acting on the chassis. Using this data, the system precisely adjusts the stabilisers and the dampers, changing their settings quickly and accurately. This ensures more a precise steering response, shorter braking distances and increased driving comfort.

BMW xDrive.

The intelligent BMW xDrive four-wheel drive system adapts perfectly to even the most challenging road surface conditions, always offering outstanding traction. With xDrive and Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) your car remains directionally stable and on track. Responding in a fraction of a second, xDrive distributes the drive power flexibly between the two axles for optimum grip. In this way, xDrive combines the advantages of all-wheel drive – traction, directional stability and safety – with classic BMW agility.


Improving manoeuvrability and agility.

The integral active steering for automobiles with rear-wheel drive combines passively steering rear wheels with variable steering ratio at the front axle. At speeds of up to approx. 60 km/h the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction to the front wheels. This subjectively shortens the wheelbase, improving manoeuvrability and agility. At speeds of up to approx. 60 km/h the rear wheels turn in the same direction as the front wheels. This subjectively extends the wheelbase, increasing stability and comfort – especially when changing lane quickly and abruptly.


The Driving Experience Control gives you the choice: you use the button in the centre console to activate the desired mode. Change from Comfort mode, with the standard engine and transmission settings, to ECO PRO Mode, geared towards efficiency, or Sport mode, which enables more dynamic driving. You can see underneath the rev counter which setting is currently activated.

  • ECO PRO Mode

    The economical ECO PRO mode intelligently adapts the characteristic curves for accelerator and transmission as well as the heating/air conditioning strategy. ECO PRO tips help you optimise your own driving and the bonus range gives you feedback on how many additional kilometres you have gained thanks to ECO PRO mode optimised fuel consumption.
    The ECO PRO mode reduces fuel consumption by up to 20 per cent, depending on individual driving styles. The functions coasting, proactive driving assistant and ECO PRO Route enable another five per cent of savings potential. These are available in conjunction with Steptronic transmission and Navigation system Professional. Saving potential calculated in internal fuel consumption studies.

  • Preview assistant

    The preview assistant works with the latest generation of the Navigation System Professional to anticipate local details and give you tips long before you become aware of the situation yourself. If there is town or a speed limit around the next corner, the system recommends you slow down before the bend so as to adapt speed as efficiently as possible.

  • ECO PRO Route and coasting

    ECO PRO Route also ensures economical use of fuel. It offers you a route optimised for efficiency based on traffic volume, individual driving style and local conditions. You can assess the saving potential indicated and then decide for yourself whether you want to follow this recommendation.
    With the coasting function (only for Steptronic transmission), the car glides along the road at speeds of up to 160 km/h as soon as the driver removes their foot from the pedal and does not apply the brakes, and as long as the proactive driving assistant doesn't adapt speed to save fuel.

  • Sport mode

    By contrast, in Sport mode the car responds more directly and allows a sportier driving style. A predefined set-up provides much sportier engine and suspension settings as compared to the standard set-up. For example, the engine becomes even more responsive. For models with the 8-speed Steptronic Sport transmission, the gearshift timing is made much sportier. In conjunction with the Adaptive Suspension, the suspension settings are much more agile in Sport mode. Meanwhile Servotronic and variable sport steering reduce steering support.

  • Predictive Drive Train

    Thanks to BMW EfficientDynamics , it is now possible to actively boost performance in vehicles with the new Predictive Drive Train via the Driving Experience Control. In the "Sport" mode, the transmission management uses data from the navigation system to deliver a level of responsiveness that is even more dynamic and spontaneous based on route characteristics. As suggested by its name, the "Comfort" mode offers a comfort-oriented shift programme with fewer shifts.


The 8-speed Steptronic transmission makes changing gears and driving significantly more convenient, thanks to fast engine speed transitions and shorter shift times. It unites outstanding comfort with palpable dynamics and increased fuel-efficiency. Gears can also be changed manually using the selector lever.